The Artist Fund

The Ink Pot Artist Fund

We at The Ink Pot want to help new and up-coming artists to get their work out and in front of the public. So we set up the Artist Fund. Somerset is a hot bed of creativity and here, we are in a position to help those who due to their situation personal or financial find it hard to realise their work into the public eye. When disadvantaged people who see their art come to life it helps increase confidence and self esteem which strengthens their will to over come their individual hardships.

By offering our fine art scanning and giclee printing service to these artists we hope to bring a new generation of artists out into public. We hope you enjoy their work and please contact us at The Ink Pot if you would like to purchase or hold an exhibition of any of our featured artists.

All the artists who work with The Ink Pot including those helped through the fund have their work displayed on The Ink Pot Artist Gallery.