Portfolio websites

Your Portfolio Website

Websites are an integral part of everyday life and they serve many purposes, but for creatives it gives them an opportunity to share their work, collaborate with other artists and engage with their market.

Here at The Ink Pot we have developed 3 Portfolio website templates specifically designed for artists and photographers. We believe every creative needs to have an online portfolio to show case their work to give them a platform to shout about their creativity. Each site can be altered and tailored to your specific needs includuing background colours and gallery layouts.

Our artist websites have been designed to keep things simple and make sure that your work is at the forefront of the site and is given the main priority. Have a look at the demo sites below by clicking on the images.

Artists websites
Our sites have been built using WordPress which is one of the largest software platform out their for sites. The beauty of using this platform is that it is simple and once we have set it up  you can manage and work on your site without having to pay others to do it for you, (unless of course you would prefer someone else to do it!)
WordPress sites have thousands of "plugins" that provide different functionality to your site giving you an endless list of possibilities and allow your site to do whatever you want it to do, more information can be found here .

I want one what do i need to do?

The first step is to see if your domain name is available, this being your website address. There are a number of different providers for this service for example 123 Reg. Here you can search for your preferred address, set up an account and purchase your domain name.

Choose which of our templates you would like to use and let us know.

Send us  your portfolio images for the site. If you are an existing Ink Pot artist and have images stored on our server of your original work we can do this bit for you.

If you would like any additional features added to your site for example the addition of a Blog, image social sharing widget or SEO and Google analytics installation then please let us know and we will get them done for you.


Can I sell my work ?

Yes you can, is the simple answer. If we hold your original digital images we are able to print and send the orders pound-signout to your clients on your behalf. If we don't hold your files then you will need to manage the orders yourself.

If you want to take payments you will need is some form of payment system which we suggest is PayPal, you can follow this link to set up an account. Once done pass these details to us and we will link it in to your images on the site and away you go.