Thea Gould – Artist

Thea Gould

I'm Theodora, or Thea for short...a creative wife and mother with a head full of botanicals.
​I live in a rural part of Somerset with my very talented Carpenter husband, our gorgeous and funny little boy, a big silly dog and a buddha of a cat.
My background is in antique restoration and jewellery. Whichever medium I'm working in, I love intricate and detailed designs.
​I've been painting for years but have only recently discovered the joys of botanical paintings and watercolours.  I'm loving the journey.
​I take inspiration from the world around me, day to day life, the changing seasons and anything I think is beautiful.
​That's the basic info, if you want to know me a bit better....I can't imagine life without potatos, I love pretty china and dirty jokes, the beach but not the sand. 
​However, the thing I love the most (other than my family) is creating.