Perfect Giclee Prints

Creating beautiful and perfect Giclee prints from your work

Elevate Your Art and Photography with Our Premium Giclee Prints

Discover The Ink Pot: Your Premier Print Studio in Shepton Montague, Somerset and elevate Your Art and Photography with Our Premium Giclee Prints! At The Ink Pot, we’re your go-to destination for top-tier Giclee prints. Our large format printers, combined with original colour-fast pigment inks and archival museum-quality art papers and canvases, ensure your creations shine like never before.

Business Printing Service

The Ink Pot business print solutions cater for all the areas of print for businesses. We can help with bespoke business cards and marketing material to wall art for your premises. Be it a product launch or ongoing marketing material we can print flyers, brochures and posters to help you get your message out there. Let us take the printing strain out of your business.

What are the features and benefits of Giclee printing?

Giclee printing differs greatly form standard printing processes and as a result produces a far higher quality of print finish, below is an outline of the features and benifits of Giclee prints.

Create prints using the best possible printing process

The Giclee printing process surpasses the quality produced form standard printing processes.

Increase your art sales by selling gilcee prints

By appealing to a wider market your more likely to sell more of your art work

Create Prints of quality and longevity

Giclee printing uses archival fine art papers and canvases with colour fast pigment inks

Create open or limited editions for your work

Giclee prints give you the flexibility to create open or limited editions of your work

Giclee prints are direct reproductions from original work

You will get perfect prints each time no mattter how many prints you do.

Produce additional products from your image

From the digitization fo your original work you can create a wider range of products 

Increase your commercial audience

Giclee prints make your art work more accessible to a wider market audience 

Giclee prints can be sold with our order fulfillment service

Giclee prints allow you to print on demarnd and access our order fullfiment service.

In this day and age it seems ‘de rigueur’ to complain and criticise when service is not up to scratch. Rightly so, but I want to sing the praises of the brilliant Nick Du Boulay of The Ink Pot printers in Bruton. As an artist needing giclee copies of my original work I wouldn’t use anyone else. Care and attention to detail resulting in fantastic prints is the norm. Don’t just take my word for it!

Ann Warren

Confidence in our print making

The Ink Pot is proud of the quality of it’s printing. We understand that artists put everything into their work and we want to make sure that we give them the best possible prints back.

That is why we aim to surpass the requirements set out by the Fine Art Trade Guild giving you the confidence in knowing your creativity will be printed to the highest quality. This standard is met at every step of our process, from looking after your art work when it is left with us, to the fulfilling of our colour matching proofing process and arriving at a quality Giclee print created using industry leading pigment inks and large selection of archival quality art papers and canvases.

Fine Art Reproduction

In producing professional giclee prints we first start by creating a high resolution digital file of your of your original in the case of artists. We know the better your original is digitised the better the giclee print will be.

Giclee Printing

Giclee printing combines using an ink jet printer, with a colour fast 12 colour original pigment ink system combined with archival, acid free, musieum quality fine art papers and canvases

Greetings Cards and Postcards

We provide a bespoke designer greetings cards / postcard design and print service. Our personal service keeps you in control every step of the way; so when we come to the final print run there are no surprises.


Exhibition Packages

With the amount of work involved in putting an exhibition together we know how we can take the some of the pressure off you ,so you can concentrate on the important things.

Artist Portfolio Booklets

Our range of bespoke artist portfolio books are a great asset for any artist or photographer. Not only do they provide an additional income stream but also a fantastic marketing tool

Artist Portfolio Websites

Getting your work infront of the right people is vital to any artists success. We can help provide beautifuly designed websites for all our artists. You can also sell your prints  for your site

At the Ink Pot we try and give back to our  loyal customers and followers, so pop your details in the form and get access to our offers and discounts.