Take the headache out of planning your art exhibition

There is always so much to think about when planning an art exhibition, so we came up with some simple printing packages to include everything you need for your art exhibition.

Too much to think about when it comes to your exhibition?

Take a step back from it all and let The Ink Pot do a lot of the leg work for you. With our bespoke exhibition packages we can make something that can feel overwhelming to something that will give you confidence in the success of your exhibition.

Exhibition printing packages made specifically for you.

  • The real problem is deciding what you need doing and printing.
  • There is the giclee prints that you will need for your exhibition. Even if you’re selling originals, having the option of giclee prints opens you up to a whole new market.
  • Think about getting some new business cards printed or bespoke pricing labels for your work.
  • And what about getting some greetings cards and or postcards of your work to complement the exhibition and add an additional income stream.

Exhibition Marketing…

  • Do you need any flyers or posters to advertise in the local area.
  • Whats the best size for my flyers A6, A5 or maybe posters A4, A3 or A2 . If you need any of these laminating to help them last outside we can do that as well.
  • Have you promoted the exhibition on your social media channels like Facebook and Instagram. Setting up an account is easy and we can help get you up and running. We will also use our social media to help promote your exhibition.
  • Have you got a website to act as a base for your work online and provide you with the ability to sell your world world wide. The Ink Pot has the ability to full-fill all your orders

We can’t do everything but we will do our best to help in every way possible so you can concentrate on the other important things.

Your art exhibition and our experience….

Wherever you are exhibiting make sure you know what the gallery is expecting from you but just as important be clear what you can expect form the gallery.

Whatever stage you are at in your planning pick up the phone and give us a call…it costs you nothing to have a chat. Starting with a conversion about what you want to achieve allows us to figure out how to best best help.

I make cut paper images which do not re-produce well when photographed as they lose some of their directness. Nick scanned , colour matched and printed them on beautiful paper. The colour is excellent and the detail very accurate including the shadows which show that my work is cut paper. Nick works hard to get the result I want and I recommend him highly.

Jackie Brooks

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