The benefits of Giclee printing

What can giclee prints do for your exposure and your sales?

So why should I have Giclee prints done?

The Giclee printing benefits can open up your art work in many different ways form creating new markets for your work, as well as providing you with new products and income streams


The highest quality printing process

Giclee printing is normally done on large format printers using archival print media and a selection of fine art papers and canvases. These are used in combination with a 12 colour pigment ink system laying down colour fast ink on to musiuem grade substraites.

This results in the heighest quality prints far surpassing the standard printing processes available.


Giclee prints rank at the top for quality and longevity

Due to the printing process and the materials used giclee prints are colour fast for over 100 years. This is due to the substraits used being acid free resulting in no degridation of colour or material over time.

This allows you to create art work that wont fade or degrade over the years. You will be able to offer giclee prints knowing that your art work will last and your clients will have the assurance that they are purchasing a print of the highest quality.


Sell more of your work

The majority of the time original works sell at a higher price than the giclee prints, this means those people who are unable to purchase an original work have access to a giclee print at a more affordable price.

Having this seperation form your originals allows you to create a different product at a differetn price point. With this alternative product created form your original you are abel to generate more income from a single image that if you were just selling the original.


Prefect reproductions of your originals every time

Using the a best of practise giclee printing process you know you will be getting perfect prints each time. Once we have a digital file that you have approved all we need to do is make sure we use the correct formula of bespoke print drivers and the same substraites and we will be abel to reproduce your prints exactly the same time after time.

This also facilitates the options of putting your images on to canvas or fine art paper depending on your preference.


Increase your commercial audience

Having giclee prints as an addition to your originals will open up your art work to new markets. As prints sell less than the originals different peopel will be able to engage with your work at a more afforable price.

This in conjunction with being able to create different products form your original can vastly increase you market reach and help you appeal a far wider audience.


Create open or limited edition giclee prints of your work

Giclee prints allow the artist to create open or limited additions of their work.

An open edition is a print run of giclee prints which has no limit. The prints don’t carry an edition number and any number can be sold.

A limited edition print run means that only a set number of prints will be produced and each print is signed and numbered out of the set number. So for example of you have selected a limited edition of 100 the first print will be editioned 1/100.



Create additional income streams and products form your original

As we have discussed you can create prints form your original work as an additional income stream but it doesn’t have to stop there. With a colour match digital file of your original you can create more associated products such as designer greetings cards, postcards, portfolio booklets or whatever you would like.

These additional products help hugely especially during exhibitions where visitors are abel to browes not only your originals but also all your additioanl products adding to a greater potential for sales due to the vairied amount of products on offer.


Print on demand with our giclee order fulfillment service

With perfect prints each time and with the technology available now the beauty is that you as the artist don’t need to print the entire edition. You can request a print when you sell one or to replace stock already sold. This means you don’t need to invest in a lot of stock¬† as well as the worry of storing them safely.

The added bonus is that like many clients you can hook us into your website or ordering process and we can fullfill your orders for you. We will print, package and post your orders out for you, taking all the leg work out and letting you concentrate on creating more art.