Giclee Printing for Photographers

Your images can take days weeks or months to come to fruition so The Ink Pot will match your passion, professionalism and dedication in creating a beautiful giclee print.

Only the best  Giclee prints from your photographs.

The aim of The Ink Pot is to bring images alive through giclee printing. We take time to understand your work and make sure that we make the best choices in paper, colour matching and wet proofing to get the best possible image.

- Image by Charlie Eady

The Photographers giclee process

A large number of our clients are photographers, some professional and some amateurs. No matter what your level you will receive the very best service in reproducing your work. We work closely with our clients every step of the way creating lasting relationships and avoiding the uncertainty that you can feel from using online print platforms. We only use original manufactures colourfast pigment inks in conjunction with archival museum quality fine art papers and canvases. All of our printing processes adhere The Fine Art Trade Guild of standards which we not meet but look to push past in creating our giclee prints. The process involves a number of stages to turn these originals into beautiful giclee prints. Below you can see a guide to the photographers giclee printing process.


Image cleaning, sizing and print media selection

The first part of the process is to check the file. We print in the Adobe RGB colour space and at 300dpi or above to ensure a good quality print.

The file is checked for any sensor or dust marks making sure your image is clean from artifacts.

Once done the size of the final print is established and the file is edited to ensure it is at 300dpi for that print size.

You may already know what type of fine art paper or canvas you want your image on, but if you’re unsure we can discuss what we think would be the best for the image we are working on. Its important to note that paper selection plays an important part in bringing the image to life in the way you want to see it.


Image colour management

In order to achieve the high standards required in producing Giclee prints we use a fully colour managed workflow. Whereby the monitor is  calibrated into an RGB colour space. Firstly we make a test print of the file as it stands without any colour alterations. This gives us a base plate to allow for the colour to be examined closely and see what if anything needs changing in terms of colour in the image. If subtle changes need to be made we do this with you so the changes reflect what you want to see in the final print. Once these have been made we go through the wet proofing process.


Giclee print proofing

Here a wet proof is run of the image on the same media that the final giclee print will be made on.The proof consists of a print of the digitized file as well as sections printed at the resolution of the final print to allow for further checks on colour and detail in selected areas.
Once the checks are complete then any additional colour editing is done on the file and a further wet proof printed. This process continues until the printed file is signed off by the client. 


Photographers Giclee printing

With the approved wet proof we are now able to store that file and from it print your edition or individually if an open edition. Nowadays there is little need to print off big edition runs of prints. It is better for the client and more cost effective if they print on demand. This allows for the client to only pay of the prints that are required at any given time. At The Ink Pot we have a full order fulfillment system where the trouble and hassle of delivering prints to customers is dealt with by us. You let us know when you have sold a print and we can print and package the order out to your client alleviating the stress form yourself.

Nick is an excellent photographer, both for image capture of artworks in the studio and outside work. He has an attention to detail and an artistic eye that is essential for his work along with excellent customer service focus. Nick has photographed around 40 of my paintings some as large as 6ft x 4ft with outstanding results in the colour matching and printing.

Sandra Brant

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