What is a Giclee Print ?

A Giclee print explained

So Whats is a Giclee Print?

A Giclee print is a perfect reproduction of an original artwork or photograph reproduced onto an archival (acid free) substrate using an 8 or 12 colour fast pigment ink system.

This is done only by creating near perfect digital representation of the original work. Then a colour matching and proofing process is carried out to ensure the colours match the original on the chosen fine art paper or canvas. Once completed and signed off by the client this digital file can be reproduced as required by the client knowing that the exact same perfection will be detailed each time.

The Word Giclee

The word Giclee is based on two Frech words. The first being “”gicleur” meaning a jet or nozzel; and the second a verb “gicler” which translates  as “to squirt out” .

This relates to the printing process where by the pigment ink is drawn form the individual ink cartridges into the the two print heads which then spray (or squirt) microscopic dots of ink. The ink is positioned and  blended by the combination of the composition of the high resolution computer image  and the algorithms of the individual print divers used for each different archival printing substrate.  

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The Ink Pot has never let any of its clients down. So much so that we guarantee that if you are not happy after the digitisation, proofing and colour matching of your work to test print stage, we will not charge you for the work done.

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I took 2 paintings to Nick to have gicleé prints created from them and I am just delighted with the quality of the final prints along with the time and expertise Nick put in.
Many thanks, I shall be returning soon! 

Megan Wakelam

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